About is a free online parkour game with Minecraft-inspired graphics. Play your way to the end of the map by completing the parkour-inspired lobby! You can navigate huge themed landscapes by spinning, swinging, running and jumping without ever faltering. Race to the finish line for high score and gold. Then by pressing B (or the shop icon in the bottom left corner) spend your hard earned gold in the shop to buy power-ups that will earn you even more points.

Game Modes

  • is a parkour game where the goal is to reach the end of the map.
  • A game for making things based on themes is called DoodleCube.
  • EvilTower is a parkour game that requires you to climb a tower. This game mode draws inspiration from Tower of Hell on Roblox.
  • Peaceful: a sandbox game in the vein of Minecraft
  • A third-person shooter game involving block building is called CubeWarfare.

How to play

Control buttons

  • WASD key to move in the game.
  • Shift - Run (continuously, double-click w).
  • Crouch - C (alternately, Z, | or press the CAPS LOCK key).
  • To chat press T to open chat box, Enter to send.
  • Open the shop, press REMOVE
  • Start command press the / key

Controls for DoodleCube

  • Right mouse button to place block.
  • Left mouse button to destroy any placed blocks.
  • Numeric keys or the middle mouse button to switch blocks.

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