About is a fun game for players who love battle royale-style games. In the game, you will participate in a fierce gunfight where you will confront the corridors of other players.

You will be the winner when you are the last one standing. Use an existing pickaxe to mine materials that are later used to build a protective wall. Fast thinking and agile moves are what you need in to win. Finding better weapons helps you have better defenses for yourself.


  • A multiplayer battle royale game that features building-based gameplay with a large playing map.
  • Top-down 2D graphics that are neat.
  • In a building, you can hide there.
  • On the map, there are many types of guns for you to choose and use.
  • Playable in full-screen mode.

How to play

How to play Build Royale?

  • Choose Solo, Duo or Squad mode.
  • Look carefully at the instructions when you first enter.
  • Get started now.

How to move in Build Royale?

  • Use WASD to be able to move around the arena.
  • Left mouse button to shoot bullets towards the opponent.
  • Right mouse button to aim or change gun and ammo type.
  • Space to jump.

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