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About Impostor IO, the game where you can become a top player by beating others. This multiplayer action game looks and plays just like Among Us because it's based on it. But the game is played in a completely different way, so you don't have to worry about stealth or action. When the lights go out, each man (or alien) is his own. Use different weapons to defeat everyone and get to the top of the leaderboard. Collect energy blocks to become stronger and advance in levels. Can you overcome the war and become the strongest in the universe?

Main features of the game

  •  You will get money and energy if you fight in the intergalactic arena.
  • Spend them in the game store to buy upgrades that will help you win.
  • You can change the color of the character and wear a hat and weapon that you like. Having a unique style will make you look more mature and scary.

How to play

 Control the character by moving the mouse pointer. Direction is indicated by an arrow that hovers over the screen. Click LMB to attack and RMB to accelerate. Running too often will wear out your fitness, making you unable to level up. Sometimes it is necessary to avoid confronting a stronger player.

If your health is weak, look for more energy blocks than they will help you get well.

You don't need to communicate with anyone. Kill all opponents and get the highest score.

If you are a big fan of Among Us then this is the great game for you. Have fun playing the game and get high scores.

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