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About Just Fall LOL

Just Fall LOL is a brand new, completely free online game with Battle Royale style. You can play against thousands of other players there from afar. In the game, you will play as a penguin and compete with countless other penguins in a race on hexagons. Your goal is to be quick and skilled to avoid falling from the hexagons and remain a survivor until the game is over. Hexagon blocks will continue to fall. Be careful because you will lose if you step outside the hex.

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  • To personalize the look of your penguin, you can choose from twelve distinct colors. In the online multiplayer penguin game, how you want to appear and be seen by your friends and other players is up to you.
  • Because we at JustFall.LOL love to play games with our friends, you can simply create your own in MY PARTY MODE, share the link with your friends and they can join in by clicking the link.
  • Character animations and graphics and lively game rounds, in-game movements are easy to control with function keys.

How to play

To start playing Just Fall LOL is relatively simple.

  1. Access our web Just Fall LOL overflow on internet-connected devices.
  2. Give the penguins a favorite name and choose their skin color so you can easily recognize yourself in the race.
  3. Start the race with other penguins.

 How to control your penguin

Use mouse and arrow keys to move.

Press space key to jump up.

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