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About Krunker IO

Krunker IO fast-paced shooting game. Players from around the world will be pitted against each other in this game's incarnation. This is a game that can be played casually for fun or competitively with other players. Avoid being hit by incoming fire and use pinpoint accuracy to take out your adversaries. Immediately, I ask that you join the battle.


  • Beautiful game graphics with 1000 different contexts
  • Features to view friends' profiles, message and customize appearance.
  • No need to register an account to play.

Popular modes

  • Free for all
  • Infected Zombies mode
  • Parkour mode
  • More and more!

How to play

Control button

  • To move around, press the WASD keys on your keyboard.
  • To fire, press the left mouse button.
  • R stands for "reload."
  • C to aim/zoom in
  • Jump by pressing the spacebar.
  • Change to a bowing position.
  • Ditch the aerosols.



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