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About Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake is a free online game that you can play with other people. You will raise a snake in the game. ove it so it can find food and bugs. Don't get near other snakes. The game is like the floating game Slither, but it has more and better features.


  • You can make your snake look nice by giving it different skin tones and faces.
  • As you level up and open gold chests, you can buy unlocked skins and other things.
  • Evolution gives your snake many permanent power boosts.
  • There are many different ways to play and get rewards with quests and achievements.

How to play

Find food and grow

The job is to find food and grow. Glowing orbs and nectar are what you eat. You can find them all over the map or where dead snakes have left them. Eat any foods to get bigger, stronger and fuel yourself so you can move faster without affecting your size.
The fastest way to become the strongest snake is to catch and eat other snakes.

Level up

The game has a lot of levels and chests with different things in them, like gold or food. You will also receive in-game rewards for reaching certain goals.

Evolve your snake

As you level up, you'll be able to unlock more evolution upgrades. The good news is that these upgrades work for all the games you play. You can speed up growth and healing by eating.

Control button

  • Snakes and flying bugs can be moved by moving the mouse.
  • Left-click to make the beetle, snake move faster or fly.

Challenge other players daily to become the biggest snake in the nest.

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