About, which is a fun and exciting game devices can play devices PC or phone . The goal of the game is to take over the most land.

At first, it seems simple and easy to handle. But watch out, because other players will try to do the same thing and could kill you if you aren't careful. If you make one mistake, the game is over. Also, keep an eye on your territory. In, nothing is for sure as long as you don't own the whole map.

How to Play

Find the right way to take over the most space to trick your opponent. And be careful, you have a weak spot: if your opponent touches your block, the game is over.

Invasion is possible in the game, and of course, your opponents won't hesitate to do it. So, look for ways to take up as much space as you can.

When you try to take over new lands in, you will face a lot of risks. If another player crosses the boundary of your territory, you lose. When you kill other players, you will also get extra points based on how big their land is. Also, players need to be careful because if they don't pay attention to their moves, you can lose.


Move with mouse or arrow keys

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