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About Shell Shockers

 Shell Shockers, you are pitted against other online shooter eggs in this shooter game. As many as 40 different maps can be played in Shell Shockers' three game styles. In addition, you may now fully design your egg with colors, caps, stamps, and payloads. Carry an Eggk-47, RPEGG, or Crackshot into battle. Click on the chicken-nugget at the bottom to activate power-ups and smash the other eggs in combat! Your KDR is also displayed in Shell Shockers (Kill Death Ratio). The better your KDR, the better. As a result, you are more likely to murder than to perish. Competitors should check their KDRs against each other's to see who has the best. You don't need to download anything to play the game; all you need is a web browser. 


  • A game that moves at a rapid pace.
  • Intriguing theme based on eggs.
  • Weapons and forms of play are varied.
  • The shop has a wide variety of eggs that can be customized to your desire.

Mode of play

  •  Take advantage of all that is included in the Free For All program. Play as a member of the red or blue team in Team mode.
  • Take on the challenge of capturing the ultimate Spatula in our zany take on flag capture, Capture the Spatula crazy.
  • With the addition of our new mode, King of the Coop, you can now rule your own henhouse! Defend and grab five points to win the new game mode.

How to play

Upon entering the game, select a character name and a game mode. Protect yourself and attack your opponent in order to win the game.

  • Use WASD to move around.
  • Keep moving the cursor around to keep an eye out for enemies.
  • Left-click on your enemies to shoot them, and LShift to aim.
  • Use SPACEBAR to jump
  • To throw Grenades, press Q.
  • Use R to load your gun up again.
  • E lets you switch weapons.

 Tips and tricks

  • Build your own strategy to win
  • Act quickly and decisively
  • Collect as many egg bullets as possible.

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