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About Ships 3D

Ships 3D is a game with crazy naval battles and chaos at sea. The game allows up to 20 players and takes you into thrilling wars.

You will have to apply tactics, and accurately target enemies to destroy their ship and win the position. Don't forget to take advantage of the Helper Bot's help on trips, but if they don't satisfy you, you can kick them out of the way. You can also invite friends to join Ships 3D for more synergies and team advantage. Upgrade cannons and ships for a higher chance of victory.

How to play

Full-scale, online maritime combat is now available in the game's war arena format Engage in intense naval combat, watch as your cannons destroy your opponent's ships, and use the contours of the map to your advantage by maneuvering strategically.

Drive a ship or fire a gun

So that you or the selected Bot Helper may precisely target the adversary, align your ship using the rudder. The Helper Bot is here to help you on your destructive sea cruise, but if you want to handle the task alone, you may keep them out of the way.

Discover updates from your team.

Utilizing a special code, you can invite pals to join your ship, giving you an advantage over other mariners in terms of coordination and teamwork.

Vessel upgrade

Upgrade your artillery and vessels for more effective battle by using the levels and gold you gain while engaged in at-sea conflict.

Control button

  • WASD to move.
  • Hover to look around.
  • Press F to use steering, paddles, and cannons when you're near them.

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