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About Slitherio is a free online game with a lot of players that can be played on iOS, Android, and web browsers. The player is in charge of a worm that grows by eating colored pellets from other players and the game map. The goal of the game is to grow the biggest and longest worm in the area.

 Slitherio Features

  • There are 16 skins that come with the game. Each one has a different color and many patterns that repeat.
  • When a player joins the game, the color is chosen at random.
  • Players can change how their worm looks by using custom skins with different designs, such as flags from different countries.
  • Players can make their own skins with a tool called "Build a Slither." This tool shows the different colors that can be used to make the avatar, which can be clicked on to put it on the worm.


How to play

The goal of the game is to move a worm around a large area, eat pellets, kill other players' worms to eat their food to get bigger and longer.

Defeat another worm

When the game starts, the player's worm is still moving. The player will die if their worm's head touches any other worm's part. When a worm is defeated, its body turns into shiny pellets that other players can eat. These pellets have the same weight as the dead worm.

Increase your speed

Players can make the worm move faster by pressing and holding the spacebar, left or right mouse button, or on mobile devices, double tapping the touchscreen.

Special food

When you let go of the button (or your finger touches the screen on a mobile device), the worm stops moving. When a player uses the boost, the worm loses some points. This makes the worm a bit smaller, and the mass it loses will show up as a stream of pellets for the worm to accelerate. If you eat pellets, you can regain the weight you lost. The pellets that drop when you accelerate will be the same color as the ones that drop when you defeat a worm.

People often use speed to hit and defeat opponents.

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