About is the most popular snake game on the internet today. With beautiful 3D graphics, the game has been downloaded and installed by many players. This is a game that has the potential to provide players with a unique experience. Each person will be responsible for guiding the snake as it eats its way. When another snake's head touches yours, they lose, and as a result they lose and turn into food and you can eat them to grow in strength and size.


  • Play online with many people, you can play with friends and acquaintances.
  • The gameplay is simple, without too many control buttons. Anyone can play.
  • The interface is easy to manipulate, intuitive and simple, on the corner of the screen, the score is displayed to help players keep track.

How to play

How to move and grow

  • - Eat food to increase length
  • - Move forward to kill them and finally eat them
  • - Press boost button to push out the mass.
  • - Smooth snake movement with joystick mobile control is a great choice if you enjoy a game with a simple interface and a little strategy. Enjoy the game and try to achieve the highest possible score.

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