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About Venge IO is a multiplayer shooter game focused on goals to be reached in a sweepstakes. Four players can compete against each other on four different maps in the app, and they must complete quests to earn points and improve their scores. Scar, Shotgun, Sniper and Tech-9 are 4 weapons you can use to defend yourself against other players. Try to survive as long as possible to win the game. You can use grenades and gain unique abilities by playing the game more and gaining experience. maps and game modes

  • Sierra and Zebella: a lens randomly appears on the map after 30 and all you have to do is stand on the platform to get points. Points are used to unlock skills in the game. If you beat your opponent, you will also get points.
  • Error: This is a team game mode, the goal of the whole team is to move the cart to the end point. Both teams fight, the team that reaches the finish line first wins.
  • Tundra: This mode contains a Death Match for you to play independently. If you kill the most opponents you get big score and high ranking. Each rank unlocks a new weapon.

How to play

Use mouse and WASD keys to move.

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