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In Worms zone, you will be a worm with the task of eating to become big. Your goal is to become the biggest worm. Try to eat as much food as you can to get bigger since you will have to compete with many other ones.

The way is yours, so choose the one that gives you power-ups to get an edge. To win, you can also trap your opponents to get their food. Accelerate by clicking left or right but save to use them at the most appropriate times.


  • The game colors stand out with fun patterns.
  • Your advantage over other worms is provided by power-ups.
  • Gain experience to unlock more content.
  • Easy to play but addictive.

How to play

Worms Zone is a struggle for existence where the victor is the strongest. You must eat if you want to grow big and strong because you are a worm. Be sure to trap your rivals so you can steal all of their delectable food.

To quicken the movement, press the left or right mouse button. Utilize it sparingly and strategically to outrun rival players to great rewards. You become slower as you gain weight. Use sprint sparingly when dealing with large worms and occasionally when dealing with small worms because it will deplete more of your score.


You can choose from a variety of costumes that are more entertaining and vibrant when participating in the game. To choose a new outfit, go to the worm's wardrobe in the main menu.

Options in the game

To choose your preferred game color, go to the options menu. In addition, three different foods are available. The options menu is located in the bottom right corner of the main menu.

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