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About Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale is an interesting survival game. The game is set in Battle Royale and allows multiplayer. It has many similarities with other Battle Royale games. Specifically, the player will be on a deadly zombie-infested battlefield where you are one of 100 players who must fight to survive.

Your mission is to compete with other players for resources and friendship. During the process, you will have to build a base, defeat the zombies and take down the enemies to become the sole winner.

The mode of play in a game

It is a common format that connects the four main game modes. Over time, the number of players will be reduced in Zombie Royale, which has a 100-player MMO battlefield full of zombies.

The four game modes include: 

  • Solo - single-player mode where you can play alone. 

  • Duos - two player mode, you can play with your friends. 

  • Squad - a group of four, free to play with a group of friends.

  • Game modes are only available for a limited time - they change every few days.


  • Huge battlefield with up to 100 players.
  • There are many loot to fight for and use.
  • There are many products to increase the beauty of your character's appearance.

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